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Mini Recessed LED Lighting Fixture

The Crestron LED down light leads the way concerning the ultimate in quality, with complete dimmable control from any dimmer, from a standard dimmer switch to a Crestron iLux or Lutron Grafikeye right up to a Crestron Din rail system integrated into your Crestron Home Automation System.  In other words its the best down light available for any home.

The CLED100 and CLED200 MR-STA is a ultra-low glare luminaire for general purpose lighting.
This product uses the usual powerful CLED series light engines but has a smaller, minimalist 76mm bezel.
As a FIXED downlight, the MR-STA-2.9k-DIM-STD sets the LED engine back behind a 20mm fixed black baffle. The baffle is powder coated with a low gloss finish to reduce glare.
This product is independently certified as suitable for general lighting to replace the halogen lamp.
CLED products have exceptional warmth of light and consistency of +/- 38 Kelvin – one MacAdam ellipse.
CLED products have guaranteed compatibility and dimming performance with recommended Crestron lighting control systems.

CLED100 & CLED200

The Crestron CLED100 & CLED200 are part of the proven Crestron lighting range. This range of LED fixtures replicate the performance, colour temperature and CRI of a traditional halogen fixture.
Guaranteed Smooth Dimming
The CLED100 & CLED200 dim smoothly from 100-0%. This dimming curve mimics the performance of a halogen down light, even warming when dimmed at low levels. This is made possible by using the Crestron recommended mains dimmable driver in conjunction with Crestron DIM1-DIMU4, CLXI-1DELV4 or CLWI-DIMWEX (wireless solution for retrofit). The CLED range will be supplied with a mains dimmable driver, DALI and 0-10v drivers are also available upon request.

Guaranteed Colour Consistency

The more precise the binning, the more precise of the colour temperature will be. Crestron has exceptionally precise binning to 1/16th of a bin (within 1 MacAdam Ellipse); this binning has a variation that is so small no human eye can see the difference between any Crestron LED down light.

CRI (Colour Rendering Index)

Crestron LED luminaires have a CRI of 86. This is exceptionally high. It means that Crestron luminaires make lit objects appear to have colours similar to the way they appear in natural daylight.

Thermal Management

Thermal management is important in CLED100/200. If the LEDs are above recomended temperatures they will produce less light and also deteriorate over time. In order for LEDs to last for at least 70,000 hours L70 it is important that the luminaire’s thermal management keeps the LED to appropriate temperatures. The specially designed heat sink controls the operating temperature of the product helping to maintain reliability, lifespan and performance.

Lifespan and Warranty

70,000 hours lifespan
5 years warranty on luminaire, 2 years warranty on PSU

For more information please call us on 01423 500454

Our experienced electricians are on hand to install these great down lights to your existing wiring, or we can re-wire and install a Crestron iLux or even a complete Home Automation system.

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