Infrared energy is the type of pure radiation which is absorbed by objects without having any physical contact in the first place with the source of heat or with the air within the objects and the source. Infrared waves are the ones which lie within the visible light and microwaves of the electromagnetic spectrum. The best example of infrared heating is the sun. The sun produces infrared radiation and these invisible rays are converted into heat when they are absorbed by objects (fixed or non-fixed) –having traveled through cold and dark space. Apart from the sun, infrared is the heat which we normally feel from fire, or even a warm sidewalk which absorbed the infrared warm waves. Have you ever thought why you feel cold in the winter even though it has 17 oC and in the summer you feel warm with the same temperature? This happens because the infrared radiation heats the objects and not the air. The heat is absorbed by the objects and is released towards our bodies.


With a range of sizes and designs, we can match the aesthetics of your home, you can choose to have plain white, as a mirror, or even a picture of your own choice.


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