One of the most immediate benefits of home automation is the manner in which temperature and ‘comfort’ can be programmed or controlled to suit personal preferences and individual routines. This particular aspect of environment is arguably the most important of them all – a perfectly illuminated and highly functional Smart Home will still feel unwelcoming if winter brings harsh bathroom floors or summer beckons humid living spaces.

Getting this element of home automation right is highly significant in creating a desirable platform for the more obvious or visible components such as lighting and home entertainment – it should not be underestimated or overlooked!

Often referred to as climate control, HVAC (or Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) is an automated system that controls the inter-related elements of humidity, air distribution and temperature.

Programmable room thermostats control the general HVAC function, at least in terms of ambient temperature. It may be that rooms such as home gymnasiums require a default position for air conditioning but any good Smart Home system will allow for individual spaces and zones to have different presets. With the right package, these advanced thermostats can be accessed from a centralised control panel, a remote control, via the Internet or even by mobile phone.

When using HVAC to its full potential, climatic preferences can be very carefully recorded and repeated to ensure a consistently comfortable home environment that also conserves energy – in this way, Smart Homes pay for themselves! For example, motion sensors and timers can be used to activate or deactivate air conditioning in less commonly used rooms whilst ‘whole house off’ functions can be activated at a single click if the Great British weather permits a spontaneous night or two away! Of course, all presets, schedules and programmes can be overridden at any moment at the touch of the button, regardless of whether you are home or not).