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For a free no obligation home demonstration call us today on:

01423 500454


For a free no obligation home demonstration call us today on:

01423 500454


Enhance Automation are specialists in a wide range of home automation products. We sell and install home automation equipment from leading brands such as AMX, Control4, Crestron & Fibaro. We also supply and install energy saving devices, lighting control, home security systems and CCTV cameras.


What is home automation? To Enhance Automation it is about simplifying your life, controlling all of your Electronic Devices with one, easy to operate, Graphic User Interface, whether on a Smart Phone, Tablet or a dedicated In Wall Touch Screen. Controlling devices such as Television, Multi-room Audio Systems, Heating System, Gate Entry, CCTV, Video Matrix, HVAC, Burglar Alarms and more, integrated and controlled on one single App.

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One of the main factors behind the growing popularity of CCTV in UK domestic settings has been the rise in availability of broadband. Via simple networking and IP (Internet Protocol) technology, users can gain ready access to footage either via a TV within the…

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At Enhance Automation we are proud of our range of Green Technologies, with 10 years experience working with Ground Source, Air Source and Solar, we can ensure that we can supply you with the best solution for saving money and supplying energy to…

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Security is an essential attribute of home automation – the additional reassurance granted by ensuring that possessions and valuables are safe at all times in turn provides valuable confidence to focus on other important aspects of life…

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Of course if you just want a basic Heating system our Plumbers are on hand to assist with this service, however when it comes to Home Automation, why not control your heating system. Imagine being on holiday and the weather …

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Infrared energy is the type of pure radiation which is absorbed by objects without having any physical contact in the first place with the source of heat or with the air within the objects and the source. Infrared waves are the ones which lie within the visible light and microwaves of the electromagnetic…

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The role of light – both natural and artificial – in creating environment and mood has long been regarded as of critical importance to the quest for style and comfort. The orientation to North of certain rooms within our homes is often a guiding principle in how or when we use …

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