AMX provides a single system approach to managing and simplifying a wide range of devices and systems that populate residences, home theatres and several forms of private transportation, including:


Enjoy a life without chaos, clutter, wires or missing remotes. AMX puts you back in control of all your home’s devices and systems with a single button. Take complete control of your home with AMX automation solutions.


Listen to your favourite tunes from anywhere in your home. Start watching a show in one room and continue in another. Your entire collection of recorded audio and video as well as live content is available from keypads located throughout your home or wirelessly using your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.


Want exterior lights to come on at certain times of the day? Or, maybe you’d like interior lighting to set moods or highlight works of art. With an integrated home you can easily create a custom lighting system you control with the touch of a button.


Whether indoors or outdoors, you’d be wise to consider an energy saving HVAC system that can adjust temperatures according to time of day or room usage. Not only can it make managing your home’s climate almost effortless, it can also save you money.


From large screen displays to the latest in speakers and acoustics, you can create a killer home theatre or put a variety of media anywhere in your home. And with the latest in touch panel technology, the controls are always right at your fingertips.


With integrated home technology, you can monitor your security system from any room in your house or even control it remotely via the Internet. Your family stays safe and secure.


Now you can integrate telephones, intercom and high-speed Internet access into one conveniently accessible and controllable system. Make calls and see who’s at the door from your touch panel, without leaving your chair. Utilizing the latest technologies you can turn your home into the home of the future – today.


Our residences are where we spend the majority of our time but what about when we’re away from home and on the road, in the air or out at sea. AMX solutions are completely mobile and were developed to simplify technology and how we use it no matter where it’s used. Yachts, jets, buses and automobiles are just as easily configured to be managed by an AMX system as a residence. Whether you are entertaining business partners or hosting family and guests, one-touch AMX control sets an unmatched standard of comfort and luxury.

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