amBIENT XC from amBX

Our new lighting control system from amBX is going down a storm at our recent installs, we also have the unit featured in Bang & Olufsen of Harrogate.

The amBIENT XC transforms any venue or space into an ever changing dynamic environment. The character of a venue can be changed according to ambient style and time of day and even synchronised to music and video by the amBIENT XC.

When connected to a Home Cinema system working in conjunction with a projector or television via the video output, the amBIENT XC transforms any movie experience, adding an extra viewing dimension to the screen.  The benefit can be described in a similar way to how the introduction of surround sound dynamically improved the overall affect of a films impact to the viewer, fully immersing them into the action.

In addition RGBW LED lighting can be effected in different ways to change the mood of a location, indeed it can be used to simple effect to make a room feel warmer, by setting the lighting to emit flickering fire like movements it can create the feeling of warmth.

amBX Lightscapes

Dynamic lighting lightscapes

The amBIENT XC is installed with 12 customisable amBX Lightscapes that automatically generate a near infinite combination of lighting effects triggered by audio, video and time.

Within each amBX Lightscape there are a set of rules which define how audio, video and light react with the space to generate mood.

Each lightscape has a defined base colour palette and ambient effect. How audio and video react to those colour palettes can then in turn be customised and layered over the base.

An installed amBIENT XC will provide any venue with a vast range of different colour combinations and effects which are automatically generated, rather than programmed. The space transforms into an ever-changing dynamic environment with content and light working in harmony.

Example amBX Lightscapes

Fire Flame

Flickering fire-like movements together with pulsing and crackling effects, giving the feeling of warmth and temperature.


Energetic anti-clockwise and clockwise sweeps of uplifting chakra colours.

Pacific Tide

Feel the tidal sway of gentle greens, cyan and light blues.

Metro Lounge

Moving stripes of purples, burgundy, red and grey colourfully washing across the room to create that funky mood.

Warm Breeze

Bright yellow, white and light greens moving back and forth like a fresh spring breeze.

Jungle Vine

A staggered sprawling and growing effect of dark greens interspersed with yellow highlights.


Feel the force with heavy shocks of colour throughout the room.


Slow, gentle sways and pastel pulses for the ultimate chill environment.

Prism Shift

Static shifts of multiple colours, flooding the room with light.


Faster mix of various colours matched to music beats and bass lines to create multi-patterned effects for the dance floor.


The tension and atmosphere of an encroaching tropical monsoon with deep green-blues and bluish-greys sliding through the space like rain.

Atlantic Flood

Rising sways of colour shifting from low to high dark blues, purples and white.